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10 Gambar Ilusi Tipuan Mata Terbaik

Posted on Apr 27, 2013 in Pengetahuan, Umum

Berikut ini adalah 10¬†Gambar Ilusi Tipuan Mata Terbaik menurut Richard Wiseman seperti yang dilansir¬† 1. CHECKER SHADOW: Although it may seem impossible to believe, the squares marked ‘A’ and ‘B’ are actually exactly the same shade of grey. 2. GRID: As you move your eyes around the image, dark dots quickly appear and disappear at the intersections. However, whenever you look directly on any intersection, the dark dots vanish. 3. THATCHER: This upside-down picture of ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher looks perfectly normal (left) but when you rotate the photograph the right way up, the face will appear grotesque (right). 4. TABLETOPS: In this classic illusion, the two tabletops look completely different shapes but are actually identical. 5. CAFE WALL: The horizontal lines in this image appear to be sloping, but in reality they’re parallel to one another. 6. LEANING...

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