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About Compfest 2011

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1.      Pre-event activities that will be done at April/May until July 2011 will be used for roadshows and ompetition preliminaries that will be present in the series of events in Computer Festival 2011.

2.      Computer Festival 2011 will be held in:

Date: Friday until Sunday, June 17-19 2011

Time : 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM 2011

Venue: SMESCO Indonesia, Jln. Jendral Gatot Subroto Kav. 94, Jakarta Selatan



The target participants of Compfest, Computer Festival 2011 are students, open source enthusiasts, IT practitioners, robotics practitioners, and the general public of Indonesia. Computer Festival 2011 has a target of 5000 visitors and 300 competition participants to be involved in appreciatingthe development of information technology in Indonesia.




The Computer Festival roadshow will be held accross 20 schools and universities around Jabodetabek. Aside as means of this event’s publication, this roadshow also aims to give educational insight about information technology specifically in the field of open source via workshops. Workshops will be held for free for students in their respective high schools and universities.

Main Events

Computer Festival 2011 is an event that unifies various activities with themes of computers and information technology, such as competitions, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and entertainment.


The competitions at Computer Festival 2011 are related computers and information technology. There are a total of 4 competitions, which are Blogging Competition, Programming Competition, Game Design Competition, and Robotic Competition.

1.      Blogging Competition

2.      Programming Competition

3.      Game Design Competition


4.      Robotic Competition

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