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20 Orang Indonesia Pertama di Twitter

Berikut ini adalah daftar 20 Orang Indonesia Pertama di Twitter:

Rank Ava Name Location Twitter since Days
1 Chris Prakoso City of London 2006-07-26 2,342 days
Web Developer, Avid iPhoneographer, Tech Blogger, Social Media Addict, Coffee Drinker, Geek by Day – Superhero by Night. Instagram:
2 Reza Fabyan ÜT: -6.2137404,106.5976625 2006-07-27 2,341 days
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
3 Viking KARWUR Indonesia 2006-09-21 2,285 days
Without CHRIST, I’m nothin’ | Cross-Device Web Designer / Mozilla Indonesia Community Manager / Leif’s Dad & Herra’s Husband | @textpattern @webpm @gpib
4 boy avianto New York City 2006-10-26 2,250 days
Digital Media Extraordinaire. Online flâneur. Working in user experience field. Currently biting the Big Apple. Oh, and I take photos occasionally.
5 Ryan Koesuma Jakarta 2006-11-07 2,238 days
Executive Editor @deathrockstar. Creative Industry. Architect. Web Design. WordPress. MBA. Financial Planner. Banking.
6 aryaaa d/h Aya Jakarta 2006-11-08 2,237 days
The #LoneRaver is following his friends and things which interest him. If you’re his friend, doesn’t automatically mean that you’re interesting 😛 #VatoTheorem
7 Richard Andrew G ÜT: -6.274753,106.693767 2006-11-08 2,237 days
The following tweets contains mature subject matter and is suitable for adults only. Viewer discretion is advised.
8 Thomas Arie Setiawan Jogja, Indonesia 2006-11-10 2,235 days
I write, take photos and videos. Not sure why, but coffee makes me sleepy, sometime. I heart data and numbers.
9 Enda Nasution ÜT: 0.0,0.0 2006-11-13 2,232 days
You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’
10 Satya Witoelar Jakarta 2006-11-13 2,232 days
Web designer who sold a social network to Yahoo!. Now plays basketball on Tuesdays, and tennis on Sundays.
11 Nita Yuanita ÜT: -6.8761889,107.4756129 2006-11-13 2,232 days
KL ITB, AIT Bangkok, Coastal Engineer, Kota Baru Parahyangan-ers, Gaga’s Mother, and Enda’s Lover.
12 Hendy Irawan ÜT: -7.81811,111.995554 2006-11-24 2,221 days
Chief Technical Officer dari Bippo (, penyedia jasa layanan aplikasi bisnis & eCommerce di Indonesia.
13 Mova Al’Afghani ÜT: 56.450982,-2.986754 2006-12-17 2,198 days
Ph.D Candidate at the UNESCO Centre for Water Law. My topic is on transparency/governance of water services
14 ybs Jakarta, Indonesia 2006-12-25 2,190 days
memang benar apa yang ditweet ybs
15 Aldiantoro Nugroho Jakarta, Indonesia 2006-12-31 2,184 days
Indonesia. part-time programmer. full-time dreamer. linux. ubuntu. python. django. vim. indiana pacers. manchester united. random.
16 Willy Gunawan Indonesia 2007-01-05 2,179 days
gadgets, media junkie, blunt, that’s about it.
17 Nurudin Jauhari -7.981000,110.714002 2007-01-18 2,166 days
Nganggur itu TETAP Anugerah, SUMPAH… Abah @YashfaJauhar Suami @IvaFitria (2009-Beyond) Co-Founder: Ngonoo (
18 Anang Pradipta In your dream 2007-02-12 2,141 days
I’m the guy your mom warned you about. 21 tahun keatas! Owner @gamexeon
19 Koen Indonesia 2007-02-27 2,126 days
Engineer. Blogger. Jedi knight.
20 snydez jakarta, indonesia 2007-03-02 2,123 days
penikmat teknologi, liga inggris, jazz, blues, kopi. – hanya menikmati, tapi ga ngerti.menikmati hidup a la kadarnya

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